Friday, November 18, 2011

New Prospects?

Hey all,

I've been volunteering at Malvern every other week for the past while, with just Peggy (Aaron has left), and it's been great. We have a dozen or so kids coming in every session. Many of them are returning from previous sessions, but we always get a few that are new drop-ins. Some of the kids are getting significantly better. We have young children who didn't know how to play at all. Not a single rule. Now they're playing full games with each other. I think that's the goal of CITL, to foster the development of skills among these wonderful kids.

Recently however, I've also been going around to various libraries in the Scarborough area in an effort to get some more programs running in various branches. Agincourt, Woodside Square, Steeles... all the staff have been wonderful to talk to, but scheduling and space are always the key to a new program, and not all libraries can accommodate our program. I'm hopeful that we will have a program at one of these libraries soon!