Sunday, April 1, 2012

Exploring new possibilities!

Burrows Hall and Agincourt are the libraries that I've been corresponding with for a while. But there are others!

Currently, CITL has locations all across the TPL system...or does it?

Looking at the map of our Toronto locations, however, there does seem to be a gap - a sort of unfilled space in the South-east region of the city. Why, you might ask? Well I've struggled to find any good reason why CITL hasn't expanded to that area yet. Down in the heart of Scarborough, there are quite a few low-income neighbourhoods and plenty of libraries that could play host to our great program!

So, this past weekend I looked around the TPL website and researched the program room sizes for various libraries in the area. Victoria Village, Cedarbrae, and Albert Campbell branches were prime locations - large program rooms and in highly populated areas. I prepared a few materials and contact information...

...and today I was on my way. The librarians at each location were extremely pleasant to talk to, not that there are many librarians at all who are unpleasant to talk to. I suppose an advantage of working with a library system is that almost everybody is nice by default! I'd like to extend special thanks to Beverly at Cedarbrae, Winona at Victoria Village, and Susan at Albert Campbell for making my efforts just a little bit easier.

It'll be a long wait seeing which libraries will confirm!

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